Wood-to-metal fit
1896 Swedish Mauser

This is a 1902 Carl Gustaf m/96 with the early style buttplate angle. S/n119633. The stock has never been sanded. It took some close inspection
to reveal this fact after it was aquired. It cost very little a few years ago because the bore was very worn and the bolt mis-matched. Its a very
interesting study otherwise as it appears to be 100% as-manufactured. Never rebuilt. The target sights were added after aquisition.

Buttplate fit is ever so slightly below the wood line. Buttplates were individually fitted to each stock.

Note the fit of the right-side receiver rail to the stock here. No gaps.

This is an important area to inspect. Note the sharp edges on the handguard..

Two areas to inspect here. First is the fit of the handguard to the stock. Notice there is no gaps, no overhangs.
The other is the finger groove. On sanded stocks these edges will be rounded.

Rear receiver tang is perfectly bedded with the stock. On sanded stocks this rear tang will be
above the wood line, said to be "proud" as it stands above the wood.

The triggerguard should be perfectly flush with the stock. If it stands above the wood the stock has been heavily sanded.

The lower band keeper should be ever so slightly below the wood line. Many times you'll see the band keeper "proud". If it is its been sanded.

There is a fix if the band keeper needs to be bedded deeper in the stock. Requires an Exacto knife and a 3/8" bent tip chisel.
Just deepen the channel that the band keeper sits in.

The triggerguard should be a perfect fit like this one.

Rear tang of the triggerguard. Perfect fit.

Perfect fit.

Short GF diopter.

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