Target Sights (incomplete listing)

August 29, 2007

m/G Andersson (AGA) Dipoter

m/G Andersson

Elit m/Edström (old model)

Below is shown the plastic cover for the Elit and the front sight, "kornring", that holds various post or aperature inserts. Of all the Swedish front target sights I like this one the best but inserts are unique to this unit and are not as fine as I would like.

The Fäldt Sight


GF Diopter. There is a short and tall version of this sight. The tall version is for the CG63 .22 caliber rifle.

This is a very compact adjustable sight. I have one and like it alot. There does need to be a clearance cut perpendicular across the rear receiver bridge for the windage when the sight is adjusted all the way down.






Söderin. One of the more common of the Swedish diopter sights, the Söderin was produced first in the late 1940s. There are different calibration rings for different ammunition.


Pramm. This was was first manufactured in the early 1940s and immediately preceeded the Söderin. It is fairly common.

Photos on this page courtesy of Dana Jones, author of "Crown Jewels"

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