Sept. 1, 2007

These Soldier Instruction manuals in my collection span 1939 to 1989. Not all of them are of interest to those who collect Swedish military firearms, nor are some of them of value to reenactors or collectors of militaria. I'll note which ones I think are of the most value to the collector. Of course they're in Swedish but its not really that difficult to find value and usefulness nonetheless. There are other editions than shown here but I don't know what years or branches of service they cover.

Of the editions below, the 1939 artillery and 1969 infantry manuals are of the most value to firearms collectors, militaria collectors and reenactors.

Where to get these manuals? Unfortunately the best source is ebay. However, there are quite a few vendors on ebay located in Sweden who specialize in Swedish militaria items. It wouldn't hurt to email several of them and ask about procuring some of these little books. There's little interest in them in Sweden.

This is the 1939 edition for artillery regiments. Its about twice as thick as the 1944 regular infantry edition and
has much in the way of firearms related information.

This edition is worth pursuing.

This 1944 army infantry edition has little value overall. It does have regimental locations, though.

Interesting that the 1969 edition would have to much in the way of information on m/96 rifles, m/07 pistol, m/40 pistol and the Ag42b rifle. This edition is worth pursuing.

These next two volumns from 1972 are of little value. They contain information on battlefield logistics and defensive training.

This volumn from 1983 is also devoid of information or value to firearms or militaria collectors. There is illustrations of uniforms and insignia as well as badges of rank.

The 1989 edition gets back to basics and has much of value but its pretty much a copy of the 1969 edition. So while it is of value it is of no more value than the 1969 edition, but it may be easier to find and purchase than the 1969 edition.

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