(school carbine)

This series of carbines were used by schools and youth organizations. The barrel is stamped with the same "895" as the receiver in addition to a crown/CB stamp, indicating rebarreling a Carlsborg Army depot. The wrist cartouche has the same crown/CB. The stock and handguard are both matching numbers to the receiver. The bolt handle is straight on this model. The grasping grooves are short as with other carbine models. Note the position of the rear sling swivel, more forward towards the triggerguard than the m/94 or m/96.

The sling swivels are hung on the bottom of this carbine, unlike the m/94 with its side sling attachment.

The front end is identical to the regular m/94 carbine. There is no barrel extension on this example.

Top view of action and rear sight.

View of receiver side-rail shows inspector O.G. and unique serial number range, S.895. Serial numbers purportedly ran from 1 to 900,
however two other S-prefix carbines have come to light recently, one with a serial number of S.1088.

Top view of receiver ring and crest is identical to the Carl Gustaf m/94 and m/96.
Date of manufacture is 1901. From what is now known about these rare carbines it would
appear that all were manufactured in 1901.

Buttstock side view shows the 85 degree buttplate angle (measured from top comb down buttplate). Note: Length of pull was erroneously said to be
the same as the m/96 rifle stock. It is, in fact, 13" from the center of the trigger to the center of the buttplate, the same as other models of m/94 carbines.
M/96 rifles are 14" for this measurement.

Sling on this rifle is different than issue m/96 rifles. This sling is nearly identical to the 1895 DWM Chilean with the exception of it's color.

More of these S-prefix "school" carbines are coming out of the woodwork! This one is only
a barreled action.

And yet another S-prefix, this one was rebuilt into a Carl Gustaf m/63 target rifle in Sweden.

For an overview of Swedish Mauser carbine models visit Mats Persson's website in Sweden.

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