Swedish Rolling Block Rifles

Swedish Rolling Block Rifles
12.7x44R & 8x58RD...
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Updated Sept. 29, 2017

Swedish m/1907 pistol 9x20mm

If you shoot the 8x58R Danish you must read this page.. April 17, 2010

Long Eye Relief Scope Mounts - Concept, Design & Manufacture
(a work in progress)

Swedish 1867-74 Military Rolling Block Rifle 12.7x44R
1885 Swedish Artillery Rolling Block Carbine 12.7x44R
1867 Rolling Block Sporter 12x7x44R
Loading the 12.7x44R
1889 Swedish Military Rolling Block 8x58RD
1867-89 Rolling Block Sporter 8x58RD
Loading the 8x58R Danish for Rolling Block Rifles


Swedish Military Handguns 1863-1958

Meepos Speedlube - cast bullet sizer & lube press
German K98k with conventional receiver-mounted scope, Leupold bases & rings

Rolling Block Catastrophic Failures

Spanish Rolling Block Carbine
Dutch Cavalry Carbine rolling block made by Nagant Bros

Handload & Cast Bullet Data

Modelo Chileno 1895 7.62 Nato conversion page
Savage N.R.A. Model 1919

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