My original idea for this website 5 years ago was to show as many of the stockwoods used on the 1896 Swedish Mauser rifles. Since that time the website has grown to included many different areas of interest. Along the way we've learned much more about these great rifles and their accessories. We've also learned what we thought was ash wasn't, but has in fact been proven to be elm, verified by the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Products Division. To say this turn of events has surprised me would be an understatement, but there it is...

I am especially proud of the collection of disc images, some of which are still unidentified. My own cartridge belt collection is not complete and probably won't ever be, but I'm still very happy with it as it is. Whenever possible I try and collect at least the images of those cartridge carrying impliments that I can so as to make the presentation as complete as possible.

One area that needs improvement is the accessories page. Many accessories were civilian instead of military but I'll still try and collect what I can to complete the picture of what has been, and is available for the various models of Swedish Mausers.

I have deliberately omitted the Husqvarna m/38 rifles as they've never been an area of interest for me, though I do own one excellent example. My preference, and the focus of this website, has always been with the 1894 carbine and 1896 rifle. It has never been my intention to have this website be an A to Z source of information. That degree of research is best left to the several books available on the Swedish Mausers. Hopefully, by the spring or summer of 2002 there will be a new book available that should answer many questions that we've all had.

Suggested texts for the Swedish Mausers would include:

"Neutrality through Marksmanship: A collector's and shooter's guide to Swedish Military Rifles
by Doug Bowser

"Die leichten schwedischen Infanteriegewehre Armee und Heimwehr" by Carsten Schinke (German text)

"Mauser Bolt Rifles" by Ludwig Olsen.

The Swedish Mauser Rifles by Kehaya and Poyer, North Cape Publications.

Crown Jewels by Dana Jones - The newest and best book on things Swedish!

Special thanks go to Mats Persson for his permission to repeat here some of the very valuable information on stock markings, disc markings, ammunition and cartridge belts. I would be remiss if I didn't mention three of my friends in Sweden without who's help I'd still be stumbling in the dark: Anders, Hans and Petter. Though I've never met them in person, I consider them to be great friends and an invaluable asset to those of us who are interested
in Swedish Mausers.

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