1895 Oberndorf Swedish carbine
s/n 30

These next four pages containing 1895 Oberndorf Mauser m/94 carbines will represent a photo study on how to identify the markings
unique to Mauser Oberndorf production.

The upper tier of these Oberndorf carbines will have 100% German parts. You may have a Swedish rebuild 1895 carbine that's absolutely
100% Swedish issue, but is not 100% German made.

There's a distinction to be made between these two types of carbines and these next four pages will represent an attempt to show
the difference so that you may ascertain if your 1895 Oberndorf m/94 carbine is 100% German or not. Obviously, in the future those
carbines that are 100% German will represent the highest demand and highest value taking all 1895 Oberndorf carbines into consideration.

This in no way suggests a carbine with a mixture of Swedish and German parts is not
100% correct Swedish military issue.

You will also find Oberndorf Mauser parts, such as screws, installed on Carl Gustaf m/94 carbines. This is merely indicative
of the recyling of parts.

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