1894 Swedish Carbine Nosepieces
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Variations in nosepieces for the 1895 Oberndorf and 1894 Swedish carbines

Left: Mauser flat back.

Middle: Husqvarna, slightly curved.

Right: Gustaf, curved back.

Left: Mauser

Middle: Husqvarna.

Note the two undercuts in the middle, found only on Husqvarna manufacture.

Right: Gustaf

Top: Gustaf

Bottom: Husqvarna

Researchers have assumed the S to be Stockholm. The S has been noted on HVA and Gustaf nosepieces.

The notches on the HVA nosepiece have also been noted on Gustaf-made parts.

These two bayonet lugs are both from 1932 dated carbines. They both have straight crowns (Gustaf). The "H" is s/n 112433, "L" is s/n 112986. The meaning of the letters is unknown.

This m/94 nosepiece is from Gustaf s/n 5980 mfg in 1898.

Inside of s/n 5980.

Gustaf m/94 s/n 4602 from 1898.

Gustaf s/n 4602 from 1898 with CG stamped inside.

This nosepiece on the top is unique. At this time there's nothing really known about it.
Its very different than a standard 94/14 nosepiece.

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