Mahogany stockwood

Update Jan. 9, '10: A second m/96 has been identified by the USDA as being mahogany. The serial number is 368xxx making a low and high of about 5,000 numbers. That isn't meant to mean I believe all the rifles inbetween had mahogany stocks originally. I don't think that. I think there were batches of rifles inbetween production of other stockwoods. It will be many years before a more complete picture is drawn on this issue.

From the collection of John Eiden & photos by John Eiden

This is the first verified mahogany stocked m/96 Swedish Mauser that's come to light.

s/n 373xxx from 1915.

However, the barreled action is serial numbered and dated to 1910.

photo courtesy of Bill T.

You'll notice the bolt handle is bent. This is what I call a re-curve bolt handle.
Its a pretty good indication that it came from a shooting club.

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