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Swedish m/1907 Pistol caliber 9x20mm (Browning long)

August 22, 2010

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Below is my own Belgian FN1903 Swedish m/07 pistol

Excerpts from The Belgian Browning Pistols by Anthony Vanderlinden - ISBN: 0-9707997-0-5:
(a most excellent book)

"The FN 1903 is often called a copy of the Colt 1903, in fact both models were designed by John Browning in the same time period, and the two models have many similar features."

"The Swedish 1903 Grand Modele (Large model) was most likely the first military sale FN made for this pistol.... Minor modifications were requested by the Swedish including stronger sights and safety mechanism. Sweden accepted the gun as the official sidearm and it got the military designation of m/07, the navy designation was M/07.... The Swedish government purchased additional guns with the specified modifications for a total of 10,000 guns. The Swedish government purchased a manufacturing license from FN for the manufacture of the 1903 model either during or after World War I. The Husqvarna company started production in 1917. Most FN manufactured 1903 pistols were issued to the Armed Forces, some of these have regimental markings on the left side of the frame... The Swedish use of the m/07 pistol lasted from 1907 to the 1960s."

From Colt Automatic Pistols by Donald B. Bady - ISBN 1-87704-39-3:

U.S. Patent #747,585 dated December 22, 1903 (filed on April 3, 1902) issued to John M. Browning of Ogden, Utah. AUTOMATIC FIREARM. The pistol shown is a blowback type with internal hammer, full slide, grip safety and a box magazine in the grip frame cavity. This design was patented in Belgium two years prior to its issue in the United States. The weapon was first produced, in variant form at Fabrique Nationale. The United States design was applied to the Colt Pocket Model Pistol, calibre .32 and .380. It is the subject of an agreement between Colt's and the Browning brothers, dated January 11, 1902. The British equivilent of this patent is #7,188/1903 dated March 27, 1903, issued to O.Imray, attorney, acting for Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company."

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The next 8 images are from Mattsons book Handvapen Och Deras Vård (Hand Weapons And Their Care)
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