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Great Western single action revolvers
Most excellent Japanese military firearms page
Jason's page on the Ag42b Ljungman
Parallax Bill's Swedish Forum
Curio & Relics Swede Forum
Swedish Defense Material Administration
Per Holmbeck's Bayonets of Scandinavia
Tuco's Mosin-Nagant.net
Schmidt-Rubin Rifles
British & Commonwealth Bayonet Markings
Markings on Japanese Rifles & Bayonets
C96 Mauser Pistol
Colt Automatic Pistols
.308 vs 7.62 NATO
1873 Springfield Rifles
M.D. Smith's REloading Pages
Thompson Submachingun Page
Military Rifle Slings
Sharp's Carbine Issued to Charles Nelson


Hoosier Gun Works
AIM Surplus
Samco Global
Scott Duff's Historic Arms
Fulton Armory
Treasure Hunt Arms
Mark Kubes
Wolff Gunsprings

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