Kammarkarbin (Chamber Carbine)
also known as the gallery carbine

Sept. 16,2007

The most obvious thing first off is the stocks were black dyed. And this particular kammarkarbin still has most of its original black dye.

The black dye wasn't the only distinction of the kammarkarbin. The rifling twist was about 4 times faster than the standard m/94 carbine. This was because these carbines were intended for a different projectile and slower velocity than the standard m/94 156gr round nose ammunition.

The next thing you might notice about the kammarkarbin is the serial number is prefixed with the letter k. K for kammarkarbin. The exact number of these K-prefix kammarkarbins is unknown. Very few have shown up. K.91 is in the Carl Gustaf factory museum. K.94 is owned by a private collector in Switzlerland. K.188 here is owned by a private collector in the U.S. K.193 is in a private collection in the U.S.

As with S-prefix school carbines some of these kammarkarbins were rebuilt into standard m/94-14 carbines at some point.

We know that K.91 and K.94 are dated 1898. K.188 is 1901 dated. We can see that the numbers produced yearly were very few.

It appears there's never been a leather sling buckle installed though it looks like there may have been a disc installed at one time. The stock appears to be in remarkably good condition considering its age.. 106 years old.

Single crown stamp on the wrist.

Photos courtesy of Rick Boelter

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