Elm stockwoods

The stockmakers at Carl Gustafs stads Gevarsfaktori circa 1900.

Serial number 365911 dated 1915. Used only three years, 1915-1916-1917.

Same rifle as above.

Serial number 365967 dated 1915, this one a m/96-38.

Same as above. The bolt handle on this rifle was forged for a scope when I bought
it in 1969.

Serial number 407452 from 1917. This is an empty stock only.

Serial number 394308 from 1916. Triple crown brand indicates ownership by
Frivilliga Skytterorelsen, the Voluntary Association of Swedish Rifle Clubs.
Photo courtesy of Greg Topp.

s/n 400593

This is an elm stock that's been stripped. Serial number is 371828 made in 1915.

This elm stock, s/n 390617, has the red band painted around it to indicate its part
of a biological decontamination unit, as is the disc.

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