Stock Discs for 1894 & 1896 Swedish Mausers

Bore discs

The most common of the bore discs. The range of numbers from 6.46 to 6.59mm refers to the diameter of the bore. The increments are very nearly spaced .0004" apart, or 4 ten-thousandths of an inch.

This disc is marked at 6.52mm. The pie-shape with 1-2-3 refers to the amount of -rust- observed in the bore, though I've never seen -rust- in the bore of a Swedish Mauser. This disc is marked a #1, which is better than #2. The Swedes had certain standards for acceptable wear in their rifles, but it's almost unheard of to see a Swede barrel that's worn out.

The lower section is mostly unused. "Torped" refers to the boat-tail 139gr m/41 bullet. "Overslag" refers to over shooting, and the "str" is abbreviated for streck. There are 6300 streck in a circle. One streck equals .1m at 100 meters. This is really an indication of how high a bullet will strike the target in relation to point-of-aim.

I believe this to be an older style of bore disc than the one above. The bore dimensions are more limited, in this case from 6.49 to 6.55mm. This disc is also marked as a #1 condition. The "Torped Overslag" on this disc is marked -1-, indicating the bullet will strike .1m above point-of-aim at 100 meters. This particular disc is from a Husqvarna 96/38.

Some discs are seen without the 1-2-3 marked. These would be considered -like new- barrels and refered to as "zero" bore,
or #0.

This older style bore disc has been down-graded from a 6.50 #2 to 6.52 #3 condition.

Unit discs

This one is thought to be for K1, the Liv Guard, the present day unit that guards the Swedish Royal Palace in Stockholm.

This disc is mounted on a m/94-14 carbine in my collection.

8th Cavalry, 2nd company

This particular disc would read:
6th company, 13th Infantry, rifle #138.

Kungliga Dalregemente located in Gävle

Letter designations are:

I - Infantrei - I1 - I 29
K - Kavalleri - K1 - K9
A - Artilleri - A1 - A9
T - Trängen (Train troops) - T1 - T4
IK - Ingenjörskåren (Engineer Corps)
IB - earlier code for Engineer Corps

Landstormen were defense-only units divided into districts.
They were attached to regular infantry units and drew their supplies from that unit.

Apparently, the 64th Landstormen district was split in two, 64a & 64b.

This disc would read: Landstormen District 64a attached to the 23rd Infantry, rifle #286.

Photo courtesy of Doug Bowser.

Landstormen District 70c attached to the 20th Infantry, rifle #1041.

Kungl Västerbottens Regemente located in Umeå.

Photo courtesy of Bolobob.

Other letter variations include this type with the U over 13th Infantry, rifle #111.

U - Utlåningsgevår - Weapons that could be borrowed by civilian rifle organisations.

S - Skarpskjutningsvapen - Weapons used for practice using live ammunition (aluminum disc)

L - Losskjutningvapen - Weapons used for blank firing.

K - Kammarvapen - Weapons used for gallery shooting.

B - Befälsvapen - Weapons used by officers for practice.

D - Kompanigevär - Weapons that belonged to a certain company.

Artillery, 4th Regiment.
Kungl Norrlands Artilleriregemente
located in Östersund

-S- is for weapons used for practice using live ammunition.

This disc is from a m/94 carbine.

1st Artillery Regiment, 7th company.
Kungl Svea Artilleriregemente
located in Stockholm

Coastal Artillery

-S- weapons used for practice using live ammunition.

Trägen - Maintainence & Supply Troops
(Train Troops)

Kungl Svea trängen located in Linköping

22nd Infantry, Kungl Värmlands Regemente
located in Karlstad

(Kungl = Kungliga = Royal)

F1 - Flygflottilj (Air Force Station Group)

K - kammervapen - weapons used for
gallery shooting

Göteborgs Kustarilleriförsvar.
Coastal Artillery at Gotebörg.

Kpr = Kulspruteförband (machine gun unit)

Kungliga Upplands regemente
1st Signal Regement
stationed in Uppsala 1957-1982.

Swedish Navy disc

MDO Ostkustens Marindistrikt
-Naval Command East-

MDS Sydkustens Marindistrikt
-Naval Command South-

MDN Norrlandskustens Marindistrikt
-Naval Command North-

MDV Västkustens Marindistrikt
-Naval Command West-

This disc is mounted on a 1903 m/94 carbine that I use to own (no bayonet mount). What's interesting is the following two discs are also from 1903 carbines fairly close in serial number range.

Another 1903 Navy carbine s/n 19774.

m/94 carbine s/n 19,298 mfg in 1903.

Its hard to draw conclusions based on a few samples,
but we might speculate that in 1903 there was a block
of carbines asigned to the Northern Naval Command.

If you have a m/94 carbine with one of these discs let
me know the date and serial number range.

Finland Civil Guard property disc (SKY).


Update July 13, 2008: this disc has been tentatively identified as belonging to a Swedish shooting club.

Unknown disc mounted on 1905 m/96 in my collection.

Very similar to the disc above, this one is mounted on an S-prefix "school" carbine, s/n S.438.

I'm pretty sure this disc is for the Flygflottilj 14
(Air Force Station Group) in Kristianstad.

Another mystery disc. The date, 1912, corresponds to the
serial number.

Civilian discs

Many of the m/94 carbines imported into the U.S. prior to 1968 can be found with these gray steel discs.

Photo courtesy of Greg Topp.

Many shooting club rifles have the military brass disc removed and
replaced with personalized plates such as this one mounted on a m/96 rifle.

Hall marks for silver disc.

1st Prize for O. Larsson of Strömsund.

Eskil Anderson

Handwritten paper disc covered in clear plastic.

Värmland Butcher's Association award plaque. Honorary Prize August 28, 1949.

Comb discs and buttplate unit markings

Prior to having unit discs on m/94 carbines, these rack number discs were commonly found.

This disc is mounted on the handle of a m/1915 bayonet. There would've been a corresponding
disc on the carbine.

This is thought to be from the Swedish warship HMS Visby.

IKO is thought to mean Ingenjörskåren Ostkustens.
Engineer Corps, Eastern Command.

Unknown at this time.

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