Cartridge Belts & Pouches

This is the m/1910 cartridge belt. These early belts were all stitching with piping around
the pockets.

Update July 13, 2008: There is some evidence that the model year for
the early 5 pocket cartridge belts is actually the m/1900.

This shows the difference between the stitched and rivited cartridge belts.
The later riveted belts were used up into the 1980's and are the most commonly seen.

The Swedish Navy cartridge belts have 4 pockets and no utility hook or d-rings.

This shows the Navy property mark, commonly called "cat's claw", or flotilla stamp. Image on right is from a Swedish rolling block bayonet with the Navy cat's claw.
This is usually a small stamping that could be missed.

Swedish Air Force ammo pouches. Each pocket holds 2 stripper clips of 5rds.

This four pocket belt, with D-rings, was the type used by the Swedish Volunteers to Finland
during the Winter War of 1939. It is of all stitched construction.

Perhaps the crown jewel of my cartridge belt collection, this ersatz cartridge belt was
manufactured and issued during the WW1 period. This one has a later re-issue date of 1919
inside one of the pockets.

Perhaps the first official cartridge pouch was this converted m/1860 pouch.

Simple sheet metal guides were added to organize 5rd stripper clips.
Photos courtesy of Hans Aronsson Collection.

Still an unknown as to time period used, but we may assume it to be early.
Photo courtesy of Miklagards Collectables in Sweden

Cartridge pouch and complete rig used by the Swedish cavalry. Each pouch held 4 stripper clips held in place by spring-loaded brass "butterflies".
I've seen pictures of 2 pouches used, but one seems to be the correct configuration.
Photo courtesy Anders van Sweden

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