Barrel Shank Markings

Updated Dec. 14, 09

This will be an area of study that's ongoing. There are no definitive answers for many of the questions
raised by some of these markings. There will be assumptions, errors and corrections.

This barrel is new and never mounted on a rifle. I purchased it from a few years ago
to have as a spare for one of my rifles with a worn bore.

Cost was US$70. They are no longer available.

This is a m/96 barrel marked with both the crown/C of Carl Gustaf and the tilted crown of Husqvarna.
We're not sure what the third crown stamp signifies as its not complete enough.

Note the entire serial number stamped on the barrel shank.

Another mystery as this stamp appears to be that of the Danish arsenal (see below).

We do know there have been some Schultz & Larson Danish target barrels that have shown up
on Swedish Mausers so this is not entirely difficult to understand. We have not seen this mark before
on a m/96 barrel.

This barrel bears only the last
3 digits of the serial number
and is marked for the
Stockholm army workshop.

There will be more additions to this catagory in the future.

m/94 Carbine Barrel Shanks

Barrel shank from school carbine S.438.

Speculation: crown/C for the manufacturer of the barrel and the Husqvarna tilted crown
for where it was installed.

There are some who believe the number, 64 on this barrel, represent the year the
barrel was installed, 1964.

This theory has been debunked with more information considering dates of production and original barrels.

But as we go further into this carbine barrel study it starts to make more sense.


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