Bayonets, Scabbards & Frogs
For the m/94 carbine and m/96 rifle

The three bayonets on the left are
identical except for the frogs.

1- m/96 double strap officer's frog.

2- early m/96 frog

3- modified frog for m/58 Ag42b
web gear.

4- m/1914 bayonet & frog for m/94 carbine and Carl Gustaf m/45 submachinegun.

Top - m/1915 Navy bayonet
Middle - m/1914 bayonet for m/94 carbine
Bottom - m/96 bayonet

This bayonet and scabbard
are unit-marked and matching.

Landstormen District 74a, 19th Infantry
bayonet number 75.

Crown/C mark for Carl Gustafs stads Gevarsfaktori

The maker of this bayonet is Eskilstuna Jernmanufakuraktiebolag
-=Eskilstuna Jern Manufacturing, Inc.=-

The anchor does not indicate Navy property.

Navy marked bayonet: K FL = Kungl Flotilla (Royal Navy)

Courtesy of Hans Aronsson Collection

Scabbard lock on m/96 bayonet

This illustration shows the difference between the m/96 frog (left) and the m/94 frog.
Notice the strap length and angle, in addition to the length of the slot for the scabbard stud.

These are m/1915 navy
m/94 frogs that we
don't normally see
in the U.S.

Courtesy of Hans Aronsson Collection

1- m/96 parade frog

2- early m/96 frog
two strap

3- m/94 frog

4- m/94 cavalry frog

5- early m/94 frog

Courtesy of
Hans Aronsson Collection

m/94 cavalry frog, ammo pouch & belt

Photo courtesy of
Anders van Sweden


m/1848 Infantry sabre and early m/94 frog

Courtesy of Hans Aronsson Collection

You thought you've seen
all the Swedish frogs?



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