Catastrophic Failures of Rolling Block Rifles

Oct. 5, 2007
Updated Jan. 5, 2008

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Below images are of a 1902 model 7x57mm smokeless action rolling block.

This accident was thought to have been caused by an improper load of smokelss powder.
Its not known what that load was. The shooter sustained minor injury.


Above photos courtesy of Vern Jakubowski

The below rifle is a caliber 12,7x44R 1867 Swedish military rifle built by Husqvarna that
was crudely sporterized. It was in poor condition to begin with. The photos are courtesy of
the Swedish state criminal forensic laboratory. The shooter was killed when the breechblock split
in two and half lodged in his skull behind his right eye.

The breechblock was split in two through the pivot pin hole.

This collection of ammunition was found at the scene. At this time its not known exactly
what caused the rifle to come apart but the preliminary examination suggested that the
shooter introduced a .500 Express cartridge into the chamber. This isn't known for sure yet.

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