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Luxembourg Model 1900 Mauser 6.5x55mm

Updated March 19, 2010
See below for photos of a 2nd Luxembourg Model 1900

~the real deal, boys and goils~

So what's the big deal anyway?

Looks just like an Oberndorf Swede m/96 doesn't it?

Not exactly...

The Luxembourg Model 1900 Mauser was manufactured in a very limited production run at the end of the Swedish contract at Mauser Oberndorf. The rifle's caliber is 6.5x55 same as the Swedish Mauser. But a couple/few differences set it apart, aside from the unique serial number prefix "L" and different proof marks.

According to Mauser Bolt Action Rifles of the World by Robt. Ball 4th edition: estimates less than 5,000 produced.

This 4th edition is twice+ the size of earlier editions with much more detail. Its a great book if you're interested in Mausers.

The Luxembourg Model 1900 lacks the L shaped checkered thumbpiece on the cocking piece. The bolt proof marks are the same as the receiver.
The back end of the bolt is pretty much a standard 1893-type bolt.

Mis-match numbered bolt but a correct Luxembourg bolt. The stock on this rifle has been sanded fairly heavily.

The upper rifle is the Luxembourg Model 1900. The upper band is a conventional 1893-type Mauser band.

The lower rifle is the Swedish Model 1896 with its unique upper barrel band.


photos courtesy of mashwamp from Mauser forum

I'd bet a $1.50, maybe more, that this sling is original.

The stock serial number is one off from the receiver.

The cleaning rod tip doesn't have serrations as the Swedish m/96 cleaning rod.

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