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Conventional Receiver Scope for the Yugofied & de-nazi-fied
K98k Mauser

Updated July 11, 2010

Typical K98k from Yugoslavia with the post-war communist crest and various rebuild markings. Not very high on the collectable totem pole.
But its a darn good rifle so I picked it to practice being BubbaDutch.

The Leupold bases and rings are really nice. I can't imagine a better looking setup for a conventional scope. This old Weaver K4 has a post and cross-hair reticle and I can't really say I like it. It's hard to hold on a target bullseye. I'm pretty sure this scope will be replaced by a Tasco 6-18x42 that I have sitting doing nothing.

I drilled and tapped the receiver for Leupold bases & rings. You can see here that the rear bridge base is pointed up just a bit.

Using paper as a feeler gauge it appeared to be these corners that were sitting down on the rear bridge causing it to tilt upwards slightly.
There should've been clearance between this area and the bridge.

The rear base turned over. The arrow points to the area that was touching the rear bridge.

I milled a total of .050" off these two points and tried the paper feeler gauge again.

This time there was no binding anywhere. The paper easily slide out from under the base overhang.

There could've been another clearance problem further back where the base sits on the upper surface of the clip slot.
But on this rifle there were no further problems.

Big difference though it looks like a few thousanths mis-alignment.

You might notice a slight gap between the receiver ring and the Leupold base. These rifles were refinished by the Yugoslavians and part of that process involved removing the German manufacturer codes and dates. In doing so the receiver ring was rendered slightly less than a perfectly round.

This could be easily remedied and I'll probably do that at a later date. You would lay a piece of 320 emory cloth across the top of the receiver with a few drops of oil and proceed to lap the base to the contour of the receiver.

Recently I had the bolt handle bent for this project. For the time being I'll mount this barreled action back in it's own stock though
in time I expect to rebarrel and restock the rifle.

I've been waiting on taller Leupold rings to arrive from Brownell's.

The scope is an older Weaver K4 El Paso post and cross-hair that came from Sweden. Crystal clear and bright.

It'll take a range trip to see how this rifle shoots with a scope before I can decide what to do next. A Dayton trigger, maybe a new barrel and new stock.

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