Is this a nice rifle?

Carl Gustaf m/1896 mfg 1905... or so it appears.

March 20, 2008


The buttplate and upper sling swivel are mismatch, all other metal matches. The stock & handguard are not original to the rifle.
This rifle was purchases from a gun dealer in New Hampshire, US, a few years back for $145. I spoke with him on the phone as he was
pulling the rifle from the box to describe it to me. But he didn't pull the rifle all the way out of the box and didn't see the damage
to the stock and upper sling swivel. Since it wasn't the only m/96 I had and the metal was so nice and a beautiful bore I decided I'd
keep it and put it in another stock and live with it.

The stock you see here was purchased directly from Sweden. Its interesting in its own right, which I'll describe below.

An obvious refinshed stock. The rear receiver tang is proud on this one.

The triggerguard is also proud somewhat.

The wood is rounded at the rear guard screw.

The NP cartrouche is for Norma Precision. They were a bone fide approved FSR gunsmith depot for m/96 rifles.
Notice how sharp these stamps are? It appears they were applied after the refinish.

Nice triggerguard fit up front except a slight rounding up near the screw.

The fit of the lower bandkeeper is very good.

But the upper bandkeeper is proud. It needs to be fit better to sit flush with the wood.
This is a fairly simple job.

This area also shows refinishing. Rounded edges and a less than perfect barrel band fit.

Shows some use and abuse.

The edges of the grasping grooves are sharp.

You can see the receiver tang and triggerguard edges here.

Fairly nice job of fitting the buttplate. Just one tiny spot in the upper left hand corner that could've been a little better.

Eskil Anderson's rifle stock.

The tall front sight was on the rifle from Sweden.

Is that a pretty rear sight or what? The stock refinishing was done excellent here.

Ut oh... The elevator on the ladder is bent. An easy job to correct.
Another indication this rifle suffered some damage.

The ejector box has also suffered some abrasion as if it was dragged across some coarse suface.

The sun came out and complicated picture taking.

The abrasive remnants of refinishing on the buttplate and screw.

At the bottom of the photo you can see how much the rear receiver tang
sticks up above the wood.

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