1894 Swedish Mauser Carbines
August 29, 2007

1903 Carl Gustaf m/94 Navy carbine. Several 1903 carbines have showed up in this same
year and serial number range (20xxx) with identical Navy discs suggesting that there may
have been a block purchase by the Marine District, Northern Command (MDN) that year.

That little dip on the comb was where there was a small brass disc.

Carl Gustaf m/94-14 cavalry carbine dated 1915.

Beautiful complete cavalry rig with m/1893 sabre. Photo courtesy of Anders van Sweden.

1932 Carl Gustaf m/94-14 carbine. Photos by -the dean-.

From a display at the Carl Gustaf museum in Stockholm.
Photo courtesy of Anders van Sweden

Here's a 1903 Gustaf 94/14 that never had a disc, but instead has the comb disc.

If you'll note the position of the finger grooves on this carbine stock with the two carbines
at the top of the page you'll see we have a difference in position. This may be a later made stock or a replacement.

Carbine buttplate angle variations between a
1916 Gustaf (top)and a
1895 Mauser Oberndorf (bottom).

m/94 cleaning kit.

Photo courtesy of Petter van Sweden.

Older design of muzzle cover for the m/94 carbine.
I believe it was held in place by beeswax.

Photo courtesy of Petter van Sweden.

Oh Bubba... You took this 1895 carbine and drilled and tapped it for a scope.

Yes, its serial number 35.

....and you made the stock so much ~sportier~......

It was apparently once outfitted as a gallery carbine with a
tang sight......

Bayonet detail of m/94-14 carbine. Photo courtesy of Greg Topp.

A common question: Where have all the m/94 carbines gone?
Look close.. that's a carbine barreled action acting as a sub-caliber training device
in this anti-tank weapon. Many other carbines were built into Carl Gustaf m/63 target rifles.

m/94 carbine dated 1895 Mauser Oberndorf serial number 2.

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