Swedish m/1867-89
Remington rolling block rifle

The m/67-89 rifles were converted from m/1867 long rifles starting in 1889. The original caliber was 12.17x42R rim-fire.
Many were converted to 12.7x44R center-fire for civilian shooting competition.

Date of conversion: 1896. The two sets of inspector initials stand for GM: Gustaf Emil Miller
and JB: Johan Brandt, both inspectors at Carl Gustaf.

The breechblocks and hammers were serial numbered by Carl Gustafs Gevarsfaktori.
They did not have serial numbers when received from Remington. The letters on the
pivot pins are Swedish: S for "slutstycke" (breech block), H for "hane" (hammer).
In addition to new breechblocks and hammers, the older extractor was replaced with
a newer design. The old extractor screw hole was plugged and a new one was installed
below the pivot pin retaining plate. When these receivers were stripped for conversion
they were re-case hardened to withstand the higher pressures of the 8x58R cartridge.

Left-side view of rear sight base.

Top view of rear sightladder.

Ladder in raised position.

Note volley sight notch on right side of elevator.

Front volley sight on right side of lower barrel band.

Tang markings.

Breechblock and hammer.

The projection on breechblock is a firing pin retractor.
When the breechblock is pulled back, the retractor forces
the firing pin back into the breechblock to avoid accidental
firing when the breechblock is closed. This was somewhat of
a problem with the earlier breechblock design.

Top view of breechblock, shown open. The m/67-89 models had new breechblocks and
hammers made and installed at Carl Gustafs Gevarsfaktori. The black on the breech face
is from when these parts were oil quenched during the heattreat process.

Crown/C of the Carl Gustafs Gevarsfaktori
and two sets of inspector initials.

Front sight, upper band and bayonet lug

Bayonet attached

8x58R Danish (Swedish) cartridges.

Left: original 8x58R Swedish military cartridge
Center: Norma commercial 8x58R m/89
Right: Lös patroner (wooden tip blank)

Keller & Company, Austria 1893

Norma commercial 8x58R m/89

Danish 8x58R (reloaded in 1940)

1- 8x58R Danish

2- .30 Gov't (.30-40 Krag)

3- 12.17x42R rim fire

4- .45-70 Gov't

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